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Vacuum Tubes, Inc.

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Vacuum Tubes, Inc.

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The Complete WE Vacuum Tube Library

We are proud to offer our new DVD book, The Complete Western Electric Vacuum Tube Library by James Cross ( © 2011, ISBN: 978-0-615-57845-3). This is a comprehensive reference for collectors and users alike. This is NOT a simple collection of scans ripped from the internet. We have gathered together technical data, tube inserts, patents, photos, and tabular data from a variety of original source documents in one convenient package. Tube data and patents are in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. Over 4000 (!!) pages include: 

* Detailed technical data, including curves, for over 600 types, including hundreds of popular Western Electric audio types. 

* Technical data, including curves, available nowhere else for many early types including 205B, 211A, and 216A. 

* Photos or outline drawings of over 40 types not pictured in other references". 

* Data for all of the military types, including the rare VT3 and heretofore unknown VT15. 

* Over 350 US patents pertaining to tubes assigned to Western Electric. 

* Tabular data as early as 1916. 

* Photos and descriptions of many rare "D-spec" types. 

* Early blueprints showing construction details. 

The price is $29.99, which includes Media Mail postage in the USA. Add $4.00 for Priority Mail. Shipping to Canada is $3.00. All other overseas shipping is $5.00.

Here is a complete list of the tubes covered by data sheets:
1A, 2A, 1B22, 1B23, 1B29, 1B31, 1B42, 2A21, 2A22, 2C51, 2J49, 2J50, 2J51m 2J53, 2K22, 2K23, 2K25, 2K26, 2K27, 2K28, 2K29, 2K45, 2K48, 2K49, 2K50, 2K54, 2K55, 2K56, 3A, 3B24, 3B24W, 3J21, 4J21, 4J22, 4J23, 4J24, 4J25, 4J26, 4J27, 4J28,  4J29, 4J30, 4J42, 4J45, 4J46, 4J47, 4J50, 4J51, 4J52, 4J78, 5A, 5D21, 5J21, 5J22, 5J23, 5J24, 5J25, 5J26, 6A, 6AJ5, 6AK5, 6AR6, 6AS6, 7A, 7C22, 8A, 9A, 101A, 101B, 101D, 101F, 101FA, 101H, 101J, 101K, 101L, 101M, 102A, 102D, 102E, 102F, 102G, 102L, 103A, 104A, 104D, 104H, 149Y, 175HQ, 201A, 201B, 202A, 203A, 204A, 204B, 205A, 205B, 205D, 205E, 205F, 205F, 208A, 209A, 210A, 211A, 211D, 211E, 212A, 212D, 212E, 214A, 214D, 214E, 215A, 216A, 217A, 219A, 219D, 220A, 220B, 220C, 220CA, 221A, 221D, 222A, 223A, 224A, 224B, 224C, 225A, 226A, 227A, 228A, 229D, 230D, 231D, 232A, 232B, 232C, 233A, 233A, 233B, 234A, 235D, 236A, 237A, 238A, 239A, 240A, 240B, 241A, 241B, 242A, 242B, 242C, 243A, 244A, 245A, 246A, 247A, 248A, 249A, 249B, 249C, 251A, 252A, 253A, 254A, 254B, 255A, 255B, 256A, 257A, 258A, 258B, 259A, 259B, 260A, 261A, 262A, 262B, 263A, 263B, 264A, 264B, 264C, 265A, 266A, 266B, 266C, 267A, 267B, 268A, 269A, 270A, 271A, 272A, 274A, 274B, 275A, 276A, 277A, 278A, 279A, 280A, 281A, 282A, 282B, 283A, 284A, 284B, 284D, 285A, 286A, 287A, 288A, 289A, 290A, 291A, 292A, 293A, 294A, 295A, 296A, 297A, 298A, 298B, 299A, 300A, 300B, 301A, 303A, 304A, 304B, 305A, 306A, 307A, 308A, 308B, 309A, 310A, 310B, 311A, 311B, 312A, 313A, 313C, 313CA, 313CB, 313CC, 313CD, 314A, 315A, 316A, 319A, 320A, 321A, 322A, 322A, 323A, 323B, 324A, 325A, 325B, 325C, 326A, 326B, 326C, 327A, 328A, 329A, 330A , 330B, 330C, 331A, 332A, 333A, 334A, 335A, 336A, 337A, 338A, 339A, 340A, 341A, 341AA, 342A, 343A, 343AA, 345A, 346A, 346B, 346C, 347A, 348A, 349A, 350A, 350B, 351A, 352A, 353A, 354A, 355A, 356A, 356B, 357A, 357B, 358A, 359A, 361A, 362A, 363A, 364A, 367A, 368A, 368AS, 371A, 371B, 372A, 373A, 374A, 375A, 376A, 376B, 375C, 378A, 379A, 380A, 381A, 382A, 383A, 384A, .385A, 386A, 387A, 388A, 389AA, 393A, 394A, 395A, 396A, 397A, 398A, 399A, 399B, 400A, 400B, 401A, 402A, 403A, 403B, 404A, 405A, 406A, 407A, 407B, 408A, 409A, 410A, 411A, 412A, 413A, 413B, 414A, 415A, 416A, 416B, 416C, 417A, 418A, 420A, 421A, 422A, 423A, 423B, 423C, 424A, 425A, 426A, 427A, 428A, 429A, 430A, 430B, 430C, 431A, 432A, 432B, 435A, 436A, 437A, 438A, 439A, 440A, 441A, 442A, 443A, 444A, 445A, 446A, 447A, 448A, 448B, 449A, 449B, 450A, 451A, 452A, 453A, 454A, 455A, 455B, 455C, 455D, 455E, 455F, 456A, 456B, 457A, 458A, 458B, 459A, 459B, 460A, 461A, 462A, 463A, 464A, 465A, 466A, 467A, 700A, 701A, 702A, 703A, 704A, 705A, 706AY to 706GY, 707A, 707B, 708A, 709A, 710A, 713A, 714AY, 715B, 715C, 717A, 718AY to 718EY, 719A, 720AY to 720EY, 721A, 721B, 722A, 723A, 723B, 724A, 725A, 726A, 726B, 726C, 727A, 730A, 5530, 5531, 5541, 5542, 5589, 5590, 5591, 5603, 5611, 5649, 5650, 5755, 5780, 5795, 5842, 5847, 5998, 6028, 6140, 6141, 6167, 6280, 6388, 678, 6891, 7116, 7208, 7208A, 7208B, 7535, 7589, 7950, 7976, 8079, 8123, A1757, BTL-2185, CW186, CW765, CW931, CW933, CW1344, CW1818, CW1819, CW1819B, CW2354, CW2355, CW2356, CW38015, CW38111A, D79510, D79512, D80039, D80050, D85715, D85716, D85792, D86326, D86327, D87722, D88057, D88526, D90278, D91143, D91144, D94230, D96475, D96820, D97004, D97087, D98677, D155023, D156548, D156734, D158796, D159076, D159764, D159778, D159781, D160052, D160573, D160810, D161145, D164713, D165636, D167682, D169618, D170930, D171225, D178461, GA53762, GA53979, Pulse Code Tube, Type A, Type B, Type C, Type D, Type E, Type EL, Type F, Type G, Type H, Type I, Type J, Type K, Type L, Type N, Type N, Type NN, Type O, Type OO, Type P, Type Q, Type R, Type S, Type T, Type U, Type V, Type W, Type X, Type Z, VT1, VT2, VT3, VT4, VT4B, VT5, VT6, VT15, VT25, VT25A, VT52

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